Wish every one of you a Happy Teachers’ Day 2016 and a Blessed Ganesh Chaturthi!

Happy Teacher's Day 2016
Happy Teacher’s Day 2016

This year, we are holding up a small event / contest to sincerely Thank all Teachers around Us. They dedicated themselves in making us who we are today; they are the ones who become happy with our successes. This writing contest is precisely to thank those People who have nurtured and brought out the best in You.


  1. This event ends on 30th September 12:00 AM
  2. Write / Post your own Story
  3. Multiple entries are allowed
  4. The most liked and commented post wins
  5. Do Not Copy
  6. Winner gets a small cash prize (via Paypal)
  7. No entries after the Event end date / time will be considered

So, wear your thinking cap and write about the Teacher / School / Education institute that helped you achieve Success in Your Life.

This writing challenge is also LIVE on Facebook!

Looking forward to your active participation! Happy Teachers’ Day once again! 🙂


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