Today, I ordered Mini Wireless USB Adapter by TP-LINK on

The product is amazing and well delivered by Amazon (as expected). Amazon has become my website of choice to buy almost anything online – be it Best apparel, Cool Mobiles, Good Reads or anything else you can imagine.

Well, this tiny little thing solved a major problem on my Lenovo Z570 – Dead WiFi Adapter.

How TP-LINK Mini Wireless USB Adapter looks:

TP-LINK 300Mbps Mini Wireless N USB Adapter
TP-LINK 300 Mbps Mini Wireless N USB Adapter

How To Use?

  1. Connect the TP-LINK USB Adapter to one of your system’s USB Slots
  2. Install the software from the CD (included within the package)
  3. Start using WiFi at amazing speed!

Wasn’t that simple? Just plug-and-play! A Green LED says it is Active and working.

I haven’t come across any difficulties, any connection problems or anything at all. The Wireless USB Adapter works smooth.

TP-LINK Wifi Small USB Adapter
TP-LINK WiFi USB Adapter smaller than my fingers! 🙂

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