Hello Everyone,

Last week, my friend Nilesh wrote some interesting questions he wants to ask people around him.

My article today is simply an extension to his list of questions.

So here’s what I would like to ask few people…

When someone with an expensive smart phone stops by my side in his luxurious car and asks me the way to reach someplace, I want to ask in return – “Do you not use Navigation application?”

When someone bitches about me, to them I want to ask – “Why do you care what I do?”

When someone talks about my attitude toward others, I want to ask – “Can I keep my attitude with myself please?”

When people force me to dedicate myself in learning and doing things they wish, I want to ask – “Who are you to control my likes and dislikes?”

I will stop here. Do you have questions to ask someone but you would rather not?

Post it in comments or ping back to Nilesh’s article. We would enjoy reading it. 🙂

P.S.: This article was not specially written for the prompt “Connected” but this shows exactly how we writers connect with others around the globe! 🙂

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