In this post today, I am going to share A Dream That Taught Me A Lesson!

It is a learning for all of us, in fact.

Dream that taught me a lesson
© Nitin Chandran Nair

I or rather “We” were in my grandmother’s home, Kerala. The atmosphere was normal; no unusual things happening around. So it didn’t really feel as a dream; it was as good as reality.

My Mom makes a sudden statement and goes out of my sight, “I am leaving this house. I will never return here again.”

She was nowhere to be seen. I was left aloof there.

I cried pleading “Please don’t leave me alone” but she wasn’t there to listen.

The grief that struck me was too much and the pain excruciating!

Somehow gathering strength and mustering courage I said to my Aunt, “Ammai (Uncle’s wife), I won’t let her go. Please call her. Tell her I am going to bring her back. How much time does it take to travel there?”

“Probably 3.5 hours”, she replied. Somehow she might have known where my mom went and that’s why she was able to predict the traveling time.

“Let’s go right now. If we leave now, we will reach there by 5 PM.”, I said.

My Aunt called her and told me that my mom would return at 5:00 PM, but I wasn’t ready to wait till then. I wanted her back desperately.

Aunt gave the phone to me and I spoke to Mom with tears, “I was afraid of Dad because he was very strict. But Mom, you were never strict on me.

Who is the team that is making you do all this? Is he…? Why are you doing this to me?”, I stopped with someone’s name which I can’t recall now.

My Aunt and I got ready to leave. Somehow it was already 5 PM and my mom returned with her younger sister (we address them as “Chittamma”). There’s one more girl with her, probably daughter’s age.

By now, I was in total shock of the happenings around me in the dream and I was very agitated.

I stared at Chittamma while mom and that girl sat over the bed nearby.

Everyone gathered outside in the verandah. My grandma was seated on a chair.

My mom broke the silence“, She (referring to my elder sister) is not your sister; this girl is.”

I was in total shock. I could not digest the words I heard. It was too much for me to take it. The mental stress and agony drained my energy, both physical and spiritual.

I spoke at last, “You fooled me for 27 years. I will never accept this bastard as my sister”.

Then turning towards Grandma I said, “You say it Grandma. How did you bring me up? What did you teach me?”.

Grandma replied, “Nere chouve karyangal cheyanam (Do things straight forward)”.

“Take your mother’s promise and repeat what you said just now”, I was literally shouting by now.

Grandma replied silently, “It’s OK!”

“See? Everybody heard? Who’s with me?”, I looked at them and saw them raising hands in my support. That was my silver ray of hope in getting my mother back.

Turning over to that other girl I asked, “You’re the one who made my Mom like this. Why did you do this?”

The reason I asked it was because my mom looked different from before.

And then she replied, “We had a hairstyle competition.”

And I looked at my mom and shouted, “Just for that reason? Why didn’t you tell me this before?”

Before I could realize what was actually happening and the sudden turn of events in my dream, I woke up with moist eyes to my alarm.

Thankfully, it was just a dream, probably the worst one, but the tears were always real.

You might laugh off of this silly dream I had, but there are quite a few pointers I would like to list down as “Learning”:

  1. We value someone after we LOSE them
  2. We NEVER count the blessings we have
  3. We only focus on things we WANT, not on things we already HAVE
  4. We ALWAYS take people for granted
  5. Love your parents, you’re FORTUNATE if you have them
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