Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.

While most of us celebrate this auspicious day by posting wishes, gifting accessories, selfie with Mom on social media sites, etc. we must not forget that there are countless others who don’t have this privilege.

And then, there is someone like me who is drowned mentally in guilt. Curious to know why? Continue reading…

Since past few days, my mom is kind of tensed and depressed. She’s got some boils in her fingers on the right hand and she’s unable to eat properly. She also fears she might have tonsils. All this mix up has caused her terrible pain. Last weekend I went to home and she started cooking for me even though I asked her not to; because I wanted her to take rest.

The doctors had said the boils were due to increased body heat and climate conditions. I insisted her to have cold fluids and also pomegranate juice. She kept on saying “My daughter should have been here”. It’s my elder sister who’s settled in Kerala after marriage.

I felt as if I, as her son, had no importance at that moment. My mom shares stuff with sister and not me. These important stuffs include, the recent heartache like pain she felt while we both were returning to Home from Kerala.

It hurts me and bought tears. Maybe I think, Mom doesn’t realize or forgets that I am the only one who would come to her aid and not her daughter.

Yesterday evening, I returned to Pune leaving Mom in that state. I had no choice. If I stayed there, she would insist on cooking for me no matter what I say, which would only hurt her fingers more. Also, it hurts me when she keeps on saying about sister.

Nevertheless, I love my Mom and always want good for her. What do you think I should have done?

Mother’s Day Gift:

This is top secret. I had ordered something very special from Amazon for my Mom; a customized product which I am expecting to be delivered next week.

Here’s a preview. I would strongly recommend such type of gifts. 🙂

Mother's day gift


So, how’s this? Would she like it? Isn’t my mom beautiful? 🙂

Let me know your thoughts in comments!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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