Any Naruto anime fans in here? I had a chance to get my hands on “Naruto Shippudden – Ultimate Ninja Storm 4” game and I must say the Graphics and the Gameplay are a class apart! I have recorded my gameplay using Bandicam. This is a magnificent battle between Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchicha!

Madara Uchiha combines his Susano'o with Nine Tails, battle with Hashirama
Madara Uchiha combines his Susano’o with Nine Tails, battle with Hashirama

This is the first stage of the game depicting the great historic battle between Uchiha and Senju, two great ninja clans. it shows us how it all began, the fight between Hashirama, leader of the Senju clan and Madara, leader of the Uchiha clan.

A ninja has to fight for his pride and his clan. That’s why the battle between these two Friends or also “comrades”. We fight as Hashirama Senju in order to defeat Madara Uchiha in this battle. Also, in the midst  battle, we get two Ninja Blades which deals a lot of damage to Madara.

Hashirama Senju versus Madara Uchiha!

You can also view my gameplay on YouTube! 🙂

If you are a die-hard fan of this great Japanese Anime, then you would really enjoy this masterpiece of a game. This is only the first part of the battle and Madara concludes that they both were just warming up! What a cool statement he made!

This is an epic battle, worthy to be played, worthy to be seen! Let me know in comments, if you liked it or not! And lastly, sorry for the background noise!

I have used Bandicam free recording software record this gameplay. Click here to download it now!

Thanks! 🙂

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