Hello, have you heard about SparkProfit?

If you did not hear about it before, fret not, because this article will help you get started to your lifetime second income with easy-to-follow steps!

So, let’s get started!

How to register on SparkProfit?

Visit their Official Website and click on “Register/Login”.

How to register on SparkProfit?
How to register on SparkProfit

Fill all the necessary details and confirm your email account. Upon login, you will be taken through an easy tutorial that gives you all the basic information needed to get you started with earning on SparkProfit.

How to get BONUS Points on SparkProfit?

Once you complete the tutorial, you might want to update your profile first which will give you a cool head start!

Each question you answer, will give you something around 70000 points; and you know what? To be eligible for payout, you just need to collect 20000 points every week! 🙂

20000 points is not too much, trust me. I easily make more than 1,20,000 points every week. It’s really simple!

How to earn Money on SparkProfit?

If you reading this, I assume you have completed the below tasks already:

  1. Successful registration
  2. Completed tutorial; understood the basics
  3. Updated your profile answering all the questions

Okay, continue reading… 🙂

I use PayPal, so I have set withdrawal to my PayPal account. Click here to create PayPal account now, if you don’t have one!

Earning some cash on SparkProfit is relatively easy than other PTC websites. All you have to do is GUESS “UP” or “DOWN”!

There are various commodities you can trade for, and the best thing is, you don’t need to invest anything! While you learn and grow with your trading, more commodities get unlocked. So, just take your time and understand your duty well.

Let’s say you are trading Oil on SparkProfit. They will give you the past data graphically, and real-time updates too! You just need to see the trend, find the pattern and guess whether the price will go “UP” or “DOWN”. Once you have made your guess, click on the right side to give your guess. Click on “Next” and then “Start Game”.

Next, you need to drag the slider up or down. This is VERY important!

This pointer will decide how much you will earn. Suppose for our previous Oil example, I guess 500 points “UP” for Oil, then I will adjust the slider to match 3 points up from the current price. At the same time, another “negative” slider would automatically set itself for 3 points down from the current price.

Please refer the below picture for your understanding. 🙂

How to guess on SparkProfit
How to guess on SparkProfit

You can notice four things in the above picture:

  1. The slider (arrow). Green means “profit” and red means “loss”
  2. The “You gain” and “You lose” numbers which actually tells me how much points I might gain or lose at the end of the trade
  3.  A multiplier (X1, X2, X3). This multiplier is active once you are a regular trader and it multiplies whatever you gain or lose!
  4. I have set the loosing limit to far down (guessing that the trade won’t drop so low) 😉

At this screen, click “START” and then your trade begins! 🙂

When does a Trade END?

In SparkProfit, there are multiple ways in which your trade will end. I will list them down below:

  1. When the real trade “hits” your green or red marker
  2. When it is Saturday

Yes, all trades except “Bitcoin” ends/stops on Saturday regardless whether you gain or lose. That’s one thing you need to watch closely. If you lose out too much points and come below 20000 points, then you will not be eligible for that week’s payout.

Now, SparkProfit is a Global Game. That means, you are not the only one playing it by trading stuffs online. There are hundreds of users trading, probably quicker and smarter than you! So, you need to gear up for that challenge.

They update the list of winners, standings, everything! All inside the web-app or their app on your smart phone!!

There are many more features, which I will cover later (if you are interested to know!).

I hope my tutorial helped you. So what are you waiting for?? Go Make Money on SparkProfit!

Please comment your views/queries and I will gladly help you out! 🙂

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