In response to FFfAW Challenge – February 9

“What are you staring at?”

“Nothing dear. Let’s go.”

It was already ‘Propose Day’ of the Valentine week and it never fails to bring back the past…

Image by Ady

It was spring and we loved spending time in this park. She simply loved the view from the bright red bench. And I usually bought her favorite strawberry cupcakes.

I was gonna propose her (I knew it was a ‘yes’).  When I suddenly heard a crashing and saw people running towards her.

The doctors said she suffered terrible head injuries with little chances of regaining memory. I was devastated. She was my life. But she never remembered ‘us’. To her, I was just a savior who rushed her hospital that fateful evening.

We remain just ‘good’ friends till date. After these many years, she still asks me – “What are you staring at?”

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