Now-a-days, we find news of rapists on the run and the poor victims being slaughtered. Justice gets delayed and the criminals walk freely.

At this point of time, it’s difficult to believe for me how India has changed over time. It was once such a great country. But now everything’s different. These people care less of their counterparts. This is no way to treat a woman. They forget the hard fact that they were once inside the womb of their mother, a woman!

When I see such news on television or on the internet, only one thought comes in my mind – ‘India is no more safe for women’ and it hurts me saying this being an Indian myself. These rapists are on loose in the city and they are not afraid to do anything to anyone, not even their mom, sisters maybe..who knows!

I am no judge to decide whether their lives should be spared or not, but I am sure of one thing. This world is no place for humans with inhuman nature.

I hope in the course of time, soon, India will eventually rise to a ‘free’ country where woman and man would be treated alike with no differences.

Indian Government is trying its best to develop India. Let’s hope for a better India! 🙂

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