When a feeling of guilt develop within us, we are left with no option other than to not feel guilty and/or repair the damage done due to which we feel guilty. Often, some mistakes of our life are repairable and gets healed over time. However, there are many things happening around us for which we are absolutely helpless. We can only ignore those stuffs and try not to feel guilty for the same.

I find it difficult to simply ignore feeling guilty, but then, I am helpless.

There has been many instances where I have been part of Child Labour. Well, not exactly. When I say I was part of child labour, I mean it. There have been many instances. Like for ex. during shopping, or having food at a restaurant, etc. my table was cleaned by kids, bills receipt done by kids, etc. They did their work while I just watched them. Now that’s a mistake from my side.

I have seen places where people force children to work with little or no wages. Usually the places were too little developed and there was no other option for their parents except forcing their children to work just for the sake of having one meal a day…and I always stood there watching.

Yes I was ashamed to talk to them and know about their hardships. I was too afraid to talk to their ‘bosses’ to free them and educate them in return of the work they do. But I kept quiet, doing NOTHING!

Many a times, I did feel that I should do something about these kids, but in vain. I always wished if their parents could just educate them, the total number of such child labours would have been far less in the country. Maybe if we could just put a single step forward, it might change the life of these children. While each second passes by, someone out there needs our help to live life the way it is meant to be.

We are so blessed with many things, but we fail to realize these and always mask under complaints to want more in our life. What about those people who strive so hard just to get a shelter to spend their day? Poverty and Illiteracy are the two main root causes that lead to child labour.

I hope the Indian Government understands this and takes a positive measure to stop child labour.

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