Bhimashankar - Destination At Last



We resumed our journey after having a delicious vada-pav. Our Destination was still far. Surrounded with scenic beauty, the people and the noise inside the bus, nothing else mattered to us. The driver took small stops at regular intervals, for children to get down nearby their homes. The heavy rains became a thrill to experience. The crowd inside the bus decreased slowly and there was once again, walk-able space in the aisle.

A small boy had sat beside me and laid his head on my right shoulder. People and other children standing beside me were surprised. I didn't mind the kid resting over me; instead I tried to stay still, and not move, as the kid tried to sleep comfortably.

Few hours later, only we passengers remained in the bus. All kids have got down and would have reached their homes safely in this torrential rain. It was almost 13:00 and the mist was unbelievable! We never expected the fog surrounding us at this time of the noon.

The bus halted as we had reached BhimaShankar Stop!

Destination, at last!


It was raining and it was foggy. Excited, we got down as soon as we could, only to see that we couldn't see anything. The heavy fog had blinded us. At the bus stop we inquired about the last bus for our return journey and they notified us the time 17:00 - we had just 4 hours to visit the Temple and roam around the place!

A few more steps and we were in His Divine Presence. The busy street was filled with dhabas (Wiki Link) and small restaurants. The rains had caused enough water at some places, we were knee-deep while walking. As it was a village, the road wasn't constructed with proper drainage system and it was really messed with potholes and muddy waters.

The entire journey felt divine every moment. It was such an amazing experience to be there in His presence. 


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