I travelled back to my home in a different city today morning at 6. The journey takes almost 4 hours and it is really boring unless you have some other alternatives at hand like listening songs, chatting with co-travelers, etc.

I wasn’t bored since I travelled with my friend. But, my friend slept the entire journey, so, in a way, yes, I was bored. I would rather say I was sleepy.

You must have the knack to sleep while the vehicle is moving at 120 kilometers/hour. I didn’t have that “knack” so to say.

I was drowsy and often tucked my head over the bag on my lap. It wasn’t really comfortable though. The shoulders and the neck hurt.

Later in the afternoon, at home, I fell asleep for an hour. Twenty minutes into the sleep and I wasn’t at home. Physically I was, mentally I was somewhere else. That’s what the title of this article speaks about.

It felt as if I was into someone else’s body. My soul was inside their body not mine. I do not know neither the person nor the place the dream took me. Was it a dream? Or was I really Astral Projecting?

This out-of-body experience (OBE) was truly surprising and shocking at the same time. All this time, I couldn’t feel my body. After a short while, I was in my body again and I woke up with only one thought – “I do not want to happen that again!”

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