Crusaders – Soldiers of Humanity” is a non-profit social service group established on 5th April 2012. The association grew from a small group to over 300 enthusiasts in just a small span of 3 months. The thought of helping poor and needy led to the formation of this small organization.The idea behind starting this was “Giving back more to life than you take out of it”. 
I wrote the Poem “Crusaders-Destiny” for them. I am a part of this social service group. If you are interested to serve the poor, please do contact them or get in touch with me for more details. 🙂
Let us clear their path filled dark
Let us make way for the sun,
In their lives…let this leave a mark
One that supports in the long run…
Let us teach those ignorant minds
Provide them with those basic needs,
A ray of hope in us…let them find
No more darkness will they get feed…
For I have known how deep it is
I have known exactly how it feels,
In this world filled with hatred
They will find not love but bloodshed…
Let us don’t believe in destiny
Rather let us believe in making one,
And change the lives of those many
And win a fight we have already won…
It is our strength and not just a name
It is in what we do, not for fame,
It is a pledge deep within our heart
We’ll never let them fall apart…
Written at 07:44 pm, on Wednesday October 17, 2012
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