I shared one of the #ARKs that would help us change the World. Spreading Goodwill is needed for this World to survive!

I feel ‘Giving’ brings ‘Happiness’ to receivers.

Do I feel happy when others give something to me? Or do I feel just the opposite?

I will share two instances which happened today which would eventually tell you more about me and my question above.

October 01 is my birth-date.

Instance – 1:

My friends go with me (along with their team-mates) for breakfast at about 11:00 AM. I gave the special chocolates to them. My friend takes out a Greeting card. Inside it, I find a pleasing hand-written special message and a well-decorated key-chain with the Letter “N” (my first).

I got nervous and mentally disturbed. You see, I did not grow up taking gifts from others. I come from a middle-class family trying to curb expenses as much as we could, just to meet the ends. No offence to anyone!

I am not accustomed to receiving gifts and buying gifts (unless I have saved enough to actually buy something). There were days when we could not even afford a day’s meal.

I am just a little more than lucky to be working in a Multi-National Company; thanks to all the blessings and the sufferings!

That being said, I think it was just the opposite for my friend. Just a guess. Again, no offence meant!

Everyone was happy except me. I did not like it at all but appreciate all the efforts behind it. I was thankful to them, but wasn’t happy; not a single bit.

I felt so bad. In-numerous thoughts ran in my little mind and pricked me hard.

That money could have been used for a better purpose, maybe some Non-Government Organization for Social Welfare, charity, donation, giving it to poor, road-side beggars, etc.

Thoughts flooded my mind; I did not feel good anymore.

The feeling ate me from the inside. I could neither cry nor say – “No, thank you!” straight-away at their face. I just smiled and told them –

“It is a waste of money; Can be used for something else. This “gift”… It does not make me happy. I do not prefer material possessions.”

I finished up and we got ready to leave before it turned out to be an argument of sorts.

One of them told me, “Whether you like it or not, keep in mind the sentiments of the one who gave you.”

I replied in a cold tone, “I don’t care. This was not needed.”  and then left.

In the afternoon (after Incident #2 occurs), I got a call from that friend. We fought over call arguing why the “new” trend of gifting me even came in their thoughts. It never happened in the past three years of our friendship. This one sentence made me really angry –

“…else you would have said no one gifted you anything on your birthday…”

I never said that in these years, and I am sure that I won’t say that in the coming years as well. I never did in my entire Lifetime!

You should NEVER RETURN a “gifted” material.

But I am going to break that myth this year. Yes, I am going to return it. I realized that happiness does not come with materials. It comes only when we feel satisfied and achieve emotional state of mind!

I agree about the whole “hurting-others-sentiments” thing, and I AM SORRY!

But what about my sentiments, values, and MY BIRTHDAY? I sure have the right to stay happy the whole day no matter what, isn’t it?


Instance – 2 (Spreading Goodwill):

My Team follows a wonderful trend; and that is to distribute birthday chocolates to everyone!

I have followed this trend since the day I joined. But my thoughts were to do something more; something that would elevate my thoughts and possibly take me closer to my Higher Self.

I always gave a different chocolate to my team. This year, I took some more with special care.

Two for the Guards sitting outside my workplace. They do their job and with dignity. I always notice them in the morning when I enter my desk and they would still be there in the evening while I left.

I am an introvert and do not jump right into speaking with others. But that did not stop me.

So two chocolates were for them. 🙂

In the afternoon, the guy who collects waste from dustbins entered my bay.

Right before he moved away from me, I called him and gave him a chocolate. I told “Maza vad-divas aahe” (Marathi for- It’s my birthday). He smiled as a response. A divine and serene smile.

Few minutes later, my TL comes, puts his hand on my head and tells me,

He was so happy. He walked with a smile in the rest of the bay.’

Now that was the recognition of doing something good.

I felt proud of myself. And I felt tremendously happy at both times. I am sure they did too!

I leave the judgement to you. Maybe I am not a good guy, but what if I am?

Thanks for reading! Do share your opinion in comments! 🙂


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