What is an ARK?

Before I tell you about ARK, let me share something with you. I am sure you must have seen the movies “Bruce Almighty” and “Evan Almighty“. If not, watch it today!

In the movie “Evan Almighty”, The Almighty asks Congressman Evan to build Noah’s ARK to protect the town from a flood (which would arise later due to… I won’t disclose the climax!). Evan does not understand and completely ignores. But as days pass, animals of all types start following him wherever he goes; but in pairs.

He finally agrees and builds an Ark. Same dimension as Noah’s. God helps him in all phases.

The ending of the movie has a very wonderful message for all of us. God explains him what an “ARK” meant.

ARK – Act of Random Kindness

OK, that’s just the gist.

Yesterday on my way to home from work, I saw an old lady with her daughter on the roadside begging for money and food. Her daughter was asleep.

I could not stand the sight of seeing them so helpless and people simply ignoring them.

I moved on and ignored them, and had my dinner in a nearby local restaurant.

Thoughts about them flooded my mind. I decided to order two meals for them. But at the same time, I knew that they won’t be comfortable eating a well packed meal in the roadside. So I decided to request the restaurant manager to reserve them a seat and offer a good meal. (I would obviously pay for them!)

I finished my eating as soon as I could and ran outside to see if they were still there. To my surprise, they had started walking. So, I dropped off my meal plan and just followed them.

Some 20-30 steps away, I saw another similar group having their dinner. All this time, I was holding a Rs. 100 note (100 Indian Rupees) in my hand; roughly equal to 1.52 USD. Though it is not much compared to dollars, one can survive with 100 Indian Rupees here.

Soon, they joined another group and so I left the scene without thinking much. I wondered what should I do with the money now, since it wasn’t used as planned. SO, thought of donating that amount to some temple because I didn’t want to use it for myself.

I slept that night with the money tucked under my pillow.

I regretted not being so open and giving her the money right away

Today morning on the way to work, I saw that woman again, begging on the roadside. And as usual, people ignored her.

I quickly took out 100 Indian Rupees which I had kept carefully and gave it to her.

She took it gently and touched it to her then closed eyes. This is a common gesture to thank Almighty for what we receive.

Now I feel quite relaxed and content.

I did my ARK today, did you?

Thanks for reading. Do share your feedback in comments. 🙂

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