You would have visited places or events where on-stage magic shows were conducted. A Magician comes right up and with his skillful play fools all the audiences and still leaves you in awe.

These shows are long lost and forgotten. My poem shares those forgotten experiences with a hope that maybe someday such shows will regain their popularity. This poem is also written as a response to the Stellar and Lunar Challenge Prompt - "Magic".


It starts in dark
And he enters the stage,
To mesmerize his audience
A skilled old Mage...

Lights twinkle all around
Some items are then "lost-and-found",
Such is his magic so true
He always makes it look so new...

Pigeons and rabbits appear at random
From his small tiny hat black,
He vanishes cards in thin air
He makes a girl come out of a sack...

The magician waves his wand once again
Marking the end of his Magic on-stage,
With a sudden thunder and a cool rain
He vanished inside a small cage...