Hello dear WordPress Writers,

A Happy Teacher’s Day to you all! 🙂

Right from the day I had started my blogging journey on WordPress, you all have been very helpful and always motivated and inspired me with your valuable feedback to all my articles.


However, I need your help and suggestions once more.

You see, I am in a dilemma. Most of it surrounds the copyright violations and plagiarism. The Internet is a BIG thing and almost 95% is duplicated. I do not want mine or any of your original contents to be posted elsewhere by someone else!

So suggest me this:

  • Should I go ahead and upload my original hand-drawn sketches in my blog as well?
  • Should I continue posting my original poems in here without the fear of others reproducing the same?

I am eagerly waiting for your responses.

Thank you once again for reading my articles! 🙂


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