BhimaShankar – The Boys Fight

Our bus took good speed after leaving out from Manchar bus stand. We were amidst beautiful nature that surrounded us on both sides. There were warning signs on each side at regular intervals, warning us about presence of wild animals and it excited us. Hardly we knew that this excitement was short-lived and will be taken over by the Boys fight!

Mist surrounded us, but our bus driver was expert enough to navigate through the dangerously curved roads. It rained in intervals and the cold breeze made us shiver.

It was raining heavily now and we entered in a, what looked like to us, a small town – more like a village. Less population; less activity.

The bus halted at a small stop and children wet in the rain came running and entered our bus. There were around 20-30 children – school and college students.

The smaller ones were cute. I noticed few girls leading the entire group and felt happy. This world needs more Women Leaders and not a Man-obsessed society. There was no space in the aisle. The kids somehow managed to stand. I wanted to offer them my seat, but for some reason, I hesitated.

Few of them found seats among other passengers who offered them space in their seats. One of the kids, a small girl, sat beside me and an elder girl stood beside her taking her bag. She was small, and had the same hair-do like my niece and even looked like her. I felt content that at least I was able to make space for them.

We heard some noise and everyone looked back.

It was a sight to see; What we saw made us remember the old school days!

Two Boys were hitting each other non-stop. The boys fight followed the – you-hit-me-so-i-hit-you fighting style and it went on till infinity! One of the elderly man shouted at them in Marathi saying, “Do you go to schools for this?”.

The Girl Leaders shouted at them for causing nuisance. One of the boys stopped them. Both boys threatened each other with the words – “I will show you”.

Shakti and I looked at each other and smiled nodding our heads. The bus reached at a place and the conductor announced a break of 15 minutes. Some of the children got down and continued swearing, while others stayed in the bus, which had now become completely muddy due to the rains.

We got down and treated ourselves to a hot and tasty vada-pav (Wiki Link), a popular vegetarian fast food native to India.

Vada pav is a vegetarian fast food dish native to the Indian state of Maharashtra
Vada pav is a vegetarian fast food dish native to the Indian state of Maharashtra

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