BhimaShankar – The Unknown Stop

After another set of smaller stops, our bus charged ahead non-stop with blazing speed. Every passenger left inside the bus now were headed for the holy Bhimashankar Temple. The natural beauty outside was scenic and mind-blowing. I stared out the window without blinking an eyelid.

I wanted to capture all these scenes in my mind, if not on my Sony Xperia L.

Some people still stood in the aisle. I was so engrossed in the beauty outside that I completely forgot my friends. And when I noticed them, Shakti and Amitav, were sharing their seat with a girl. All three of them seemed comfortable in talking, laughing and having fun.

The monsoon covered the road in mist. Dark clouds hovered above us and we could barely see anything outside. Calling out to each other, we often showed each other the scenes in our side of the window respectively. Sitting at different places, came as an advantage to us. Being seated at two different sides of the same bus, we could now see two sides of the same road – and that only added to our fun!

Monkeys on the cliff
Monkeys on the cliff – Pic by Shakti

Getting a little dizzy, I wanted to sleep and looked at them – already in deep slumber, listening to music on their phones. They didn’t accept when I told them what I saw!

I continued to admire the scenes He wanted to show me and enjoyed every bit of it. Often, I conversed in Marathi (Wiki Link) with the woman beside me. She was nice and a native – very pure soul, caring and friendly. I had a good time talking with her.

I was about to fall asleep, but our bus suddenly stopped.

The bus halted at a remote place. We realized that it was our time to munch on those biscuits we had carefully packed in our bags from Shivaji Nagar bus stand. It was the unknown stop for us – no name plates, no landmarks.

All we could see was a big structure, that resembled a hollow dome, where many rusty buses rested. Our bus needed to fill its tank before we can continue the journey.

I gestured Amitav and Shakti to go out for a leak; but sadly, the place was a total nothingness. We sat inside. We settled with our krackjack biscuits. The woman beside me offered me some ground-nuts (fried), after taking a few, I passed it on to my friends and thanked her.

The bus started once again after 5 minutes of break and we were off to our destination.

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