Sometimes what matters the most in Life is not the destination, but the choices you make. In the end, you should never regret of not having made the right choice at the right time. Let me share one of the instances from my School Life which changed my Life forever.. for the greater good!


When I was in my 7th grade, my Dad had a Kidney surgery scheduled in one of the best and famous hospital in Kozhikode (Kerala). The first term exam (Unit Test) had just been over and we had few off days before the start of the next term.

I was presented with the below two choices:

  1. Go with family for Dad’s surgery
  2. Stay at one of my friend’s house and complete the term

It was a hard decision for me. A kid, merely aged at 12-13 years, had to choose between his family and education. Education is important in Life, but it did not matter to me. I wanted to be with my family and so, I had already chosen the path forward.

So, I went Kerala with them. After a year, we returned to our home in Mumbai (Bombay).

When I rejoined school, I came to know that I had topped the exams I gave before leaving to Kerala. I was happy; everyone in the family was. This happiness was short-lived. Soon afterwards, the school management informed us that I cannot be promoted to the next grade since I had less than 75% attendance that year.

We had a major reason for why we left Kerala but the school management didn’t care. They were so obsessed with the attendance percentile that they didn’t even consider my earlier academic performances (all the past year performances).

My friends and even all my teachers tried to persuade the management to promote me, but in vain. All my teachers knew me and how good I was in studies but their requests were unheard.

At home, my Mom and Dad told me, “No matter what, we will try to promote you to eighth grade..even by touching their feet!

Speechless, shocked, sad and devastated, I replied back with these words “No need to touch anyone’s feet. I will do the seventh grade again.”

Tears swelled up, but they were proud of me.

Going school daily was a challenge. Seeing those familiar faces, looking at my teachers eyes, meeting my friends who were now in eighth grade while I was in seventh and that management staff who thought they did the right thing. Everything was a blur to me. I didn’t care any more since I was more focussed on proving them wrong.

I was framed a “Failure” at school. They teased me, boo-ed me and ignored me. I made only few friends in the years that followed; very few friends. They made sure that the word ‘Failure’ was etched into my heart forever.

I often joked to friends and at home by saying “I will be the topper this year since I already know what’s going to be taught.” accompanied with a fake laugh.

Other students who were now in seventh grade, saw me as a failure and often talked behind me. I did see some of my old friends in my new class. I guess they too had bad times in Life. Most of the rank holders from that class envied me since they feared I would steal their ranks.

Fortunately for them, I wasn’t a rank-holder anymore. I was only an average student until my 10th grade.

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