Bhimashankar Travelogue – Feeling Embarrassed

Once we were seated, we had nothing to do except wait for the bus to start. If you remember, most part of our entire journey was filled waiting – Waiting for the bus at Hinjewadi, waiting for the bus at Shivaji Chowk and now, waiting for the bus to move.

But, would something as negligible as waiting quench our thirst of His Divine Presence? NO!! And thus, we waited.

Lots of people got in and the bus was full with many seats still left out. A group of devotees dressed in white in their regional attire (Wiki Link) entered the bus. Some of them chanted mantras and Bhajans (Wiki Link) as soon the bus started. Some women, one of them sat beside me, a college/working girls (probably), some men and two families got in.

Mountain Fog - Pic by Shakti
Mountain Fog – Pic by Shakti

Since the bus had more empty seats, it halted at many small bus stops in the city. Some got in and occupied their places – Now we had people standing in the aisle. At the first halt, two women got in and stood in the aisle until they got seats, at the next halt. The woman beside me asked me to shift a little to let the other woman sit beside us – in whatever space was left. I nodded.

I moved to my left to make space for the standing lady – 3 people on the seat of 2.

The lady occupied seat to my right. I, being thin, there was ample space left for both ladies to be comfortable, but I felt embarrassed – to sit between two women.  These two women were speaking to each other without giving a second thought that I was sitting in-between!

I closed my eyes pretending to be asleep and let them do the talking. They were talking about their life, the what-where kind of stuffs, etc. The lady on the left was travelling from far away and towards Bhimashankar, while the lady on the right was travelling to some other place on the way.

After a couple of halts, the woman at my right got a seat beside her friend – sitting few seats ahead of us to the right side. I swiftly shifted to my original place, a little further to the right, and was back to sight-seeing out through the window once again.

The bus took us on a road through forests, a scenic beauty indeed.

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