Bhimashankar - The Journey Commences



Getting in the 8:45 Bhimashankar bus was the last thing all three of us prayed for; well, at least for the beginning!

The journey commences with this bus.

We had the opportunity to look, feel and decide our seats being the first to get inside. Upon careful observation and eenie-meenie-miny-mo random pick-up, Amitav and I took seats on the right while Shakti sat behind us near the window.

Monsoon clouds on the way - Pic by Shakti
Monsoon clouds on the way - Pic by Shakti

I could not help but notice the various seat numbers and their importance. Each seat was reserved for some specific person or someone who plays an important role in the society. Seat number 15 was for reporters, seats 1-10 for ladies, and so forth I looked up to check our seats - Amitav's seat was reserved for "Pregnant Women" and mine was reserved for "News Reporter"!

I told them, "What if some lady comes? Then we need to get up."

This was based on the observation from my daily office travel routine. I did not want to risk it making Amitav sit there. So we changed our seats. Amitav sat beside Shakti and I took the seat beside them on the left side. Coincidentally, that's exactly how we sat on our journey towards Shivaji Nagar.

A lot happened in these 4 hours of our journey filled with excitement and thrill.

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