"The Origin" is the first part of the Black Pyramid science-fiction series. This story was originally written as a response to Sunday Photo Fiction writing challenge.

Due to the popularity of this first part, I have decided to continue this story further with my co-author and workplace colleague Victoria Cordero who blogs at - https://anabanapie.wordpress.com/. It was her interest that led to the creation of this series.

All Chapters Listed Below:

  1. Origin - By Nitin
  2. Bermuda - By Victoria
  3. Distressed - By Nitin
  4. Realm of Dimensions - I - By Victoria
  5. The Realm of Dimensions - II - By Nitin
  6. The Alchemist - By Victoria
  7. Prediction - By Nitin
  8. Old Barn’s Secrets - By Victoria
  9. The Entity Theory - By Nitin
  10. Dim Effect - By Victoria

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Black Pyramid - S01C01

Michael was playing quietly like any other kid. They just had their supper.

"Ding-Dong" rang the door bell. The family wondered who it might be at this time of the night.

They opened the door but surprisingly saw no one in the absolute darkness.

Night insects filled the darkness with their sounds. The street lights were off due to some odd reason. It appeared to be the darkest night they have ever seen. Soon, they returned and made their way to bed.

"Come on kid, it's sleep time.", said Dad.

There was no response. Dad called Michael again but in vain. Feeling a bit worried already, he went in to Michael's playroom.

Michael wasn't there.

All he saw were scattered toys from the shelf and a mysterious looking pyramid container colored absolutely black!

There were some symbols on it, but Dad didn't understand what it meant. Michael was gone forever. No one knew how.