BhimaShankar Travelogue – Bus To Bhimashankar!



We reached Shivaji Nagar bus stand at around 8:20 in the morning. We hurried for the ticket counter and began searching frantically, as we did not know the bus timings. Our aim was to catch the first available bus to Bhimashankar Temple.

I was hungry, so were they (I guess). We did not eat anything for our breakfast and I insisted them to eat something before the start of our next journey. They made me the cashier to manage the finances for the entire trip. Everyone, including myself, contributed 500 Indian Rupees setting our budget to 1500 Indian Rupees -  Enough for the three of us.

En-route to Bhimashankar
En-route to Bhimashankar - Pic by Shakti

After buying three packs of biscuits, one for each of us, we were all set and ready for the exciting trip. Amitav asked if I knew how to read Marathi (Wiki Link) and I affirmed. He checked something on his smartphone and in no time we were in front of Lane 5.

It was a major bus stand. There were separate lanes for different buses, each with their own specific route.

Upon inquiry at one of the counters at the bus stand, we came to know that our bus was scheduled to depart at 8:45 and that meant another 15 minutes of idle waiting period!

Having found no seats in the waiting area, we managed to run behind every bus that was en-route to their own destinations, searching for our special one. The people there thought us as insane, but we didn't mind. It was my sole responsibility to read each bus's destination and pass it on to my friends since I knew Marathi.

After a few more buses, I grew tired. We all did, tired of waiting and with a grumbling stomach. We were hungry but decided to eat only after catching our bus.

"Nitin..!" shouted Amitav, at the top of his voice while I was ready to run behind another bus looking for its destination.

"Yes, that's ours..get in!", I replied excitedly.

15 minutes of running, and yet, all our tiredness vanished when we got in the bus with the route plate "Bhimashankar".

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