BhimaShankar Travelogue - Towards Shivaji Nagar!


7:30 AM - Inside the Red Bus.

We rushed to the empty seats at the end after getting our tickets. We had finally got the bus after 30 minutes of waiting and we thanked the Almighty. This bus would take us towards Shivaji Nagar (Wiki Link), a city in Pune. We would get a bus to Bhimashankar from there, if we were not late.

I was now sure, HE wants to see us. He wants me, a non-believer in HIS Divine Presence and lead me to Light!

The bus halted in a short while. It was time for the driver's and conductor's break. They went for tea and returned in another five minutes. In the meantime, I was stretching my right leg forward and backward while holding my hand firm on the knees. The pain was terrible, but I had a strong will power. I wanted to be in His Presence very badly now.

Climate at Bhimashankar - Pic by Shakti
Climate at Bhimashankar - Pic by Shakti

I had informed my Mom of this trip and she asked me to pray about my leg. Another hour just went by. The bus had two seats on either side. I sat alone on the left while my friends, Shakti and Amitav, occupied the right side.

I admired nature for its beautiful creations. There were many halts, smaller bus stops, on the way. Few people getting in and some others getting out; None of those distracted me from my only aim to be with Him.

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