BhimaShankar Travelogue - The Meet

I admit, it was wrong for me to think that this trip to BhimaShankar Temple would be a disaster for me. I was yet to know that this trip would be nothing less than pure awesomeness! When I called Shakti to ask his whereabouts at 7:00, he scolded me for being late. Walking as fast as I could with the excruciating pain in my leg, I made it to our first meeting point - Hinjewadi Chowk (Open in Google Maps). This is where "The Meet" happened. 


I waved to Amitav (Shakti's friend) and the first thing I said to Shakti was "I am sorry. I am late."

He replied, "No problem! This is my friend Amitav."

After a casual greeting shaking hands, we stood there waiting for a bus that would take us to our next stop - Shivaji Nagar. Shakti inquired about my leg but I dismissed him by saying, "I am fine".

I am the type of person who does not like to make others worry for myself. Instead, I like to comfort others in pain.

We started praying to Lord Shiva (The Lord of Bhimashankar Temple) to get our bus early. There was a good gathering of people at the bus stop, all of them patiently waiting for their bus. It was 7:30 am and we had waited for 30 minutes at the stop doing nothing, simply waiting. Somehow we knew and believed, since the Lord himself has called us, we would definitely reach there.

There came a red-colored intercity bus - Unusual around that time. We were waiting for the usual red-colored public bus, and this came as a surprise to all three of us.

Shivaji Nagar - The nameplate said. We jumped right in.

After a quick stop, what followed was a journey of about one hour to Shivaji Nagar bus stand. One painful hour for me, as I sat in my seat, trying to hide the sever leg pain all along!

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