BhimaShankar : A Call of Faith - Start of Our Trip

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Friday, July 10, 2015.

My colleague and friend asked me if I am interested to join him and one of his other friends, Amitav, for a visit to Bhimashankar Temple - one of the Twelve Jyothirlingams in Pune. These Jyothirlingams are spread out in various places in India. This was the raw start of our trip.

I hardly visit temples (lost my faith), but something, or rather someone, inside me asked me to make this visit.

I replied positively and then we checked the details online. Google had by then, infiltrated our lives and made it way easier to search and plan. We drafted a travel plan using Google Maps. We are against pollution and it was decided to use public transport strictly.

I asked Shakti to wake me up when he wakes up, at 5 in the morning. That would give us a head start and give us time to visit and explore the places around Bhimashankar Temple. He agreed.

Saturday, July 11, 2015.

I woke up 6 AM. Thanks to my daily alarm! Shakti failed to wake me!

I took me five minutes to decide whether to make this trip or not. Writhed in pain (we had rocked GYM the previous day, legs workout) and half asleep, I started my full-body analysis to know if my body will have the strength to visit the Temple.

Status as of 6.15 AM:

Head - OK;
Upper Body - OK;
Thighs - 70%;
Knees - 60%;
Lower Legs, Calf - 20%;

'Oops! This would be a disaster. Let's call Shakti and tell him I won't make it.', I thought.

With severe leg pain from the past three days, I was barely able to walk. Not making this trip seemed the best decision to me at that moment, but, I wasn't aware of one thing - that I was wrong!

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