"Star" is a sweet poem about love but it eventually transitions to the loss of a loved one. This poem is also a response to the Stellar and Lunar writing prompt.

I wrote this poem first in my diary on 10:20 am, Monday 15 March, 2010.


Inside the depth of My dark sky
Once for a moment I saw a twinkling star,
And always hoped for it to fall by
To just grab it and never let it go afar...

My dream came true and the star fell down
Twinkled even more when it was in My arms,
And with its shine it removed all My frown
And lead Me to light with its lovely charms...

That little star bestowed its brightness upon Me
And I gave My darkness to make it shine,
Neither caring to break apart nor to let go free
I belonged to that star and I wished it to be Mine...

One night as I looked down deep inside
I asked Myself why did I let it go free??
And when I got the reason I cried and cried
Because that twinkle belonged to someone else and not Me...

The sky stays bright even with the morning sun
And looks even brighter with the night of stars,
But the sky I know is without any sun
Nor with the stars to twinkle in the night...

Inside the depth of My lonely dark sky
I just wish to see that twinkle again,
Because this time I won't let it go so high
But keep the star with Me to heal all My pain...