"A Widow's Dilemma"  depicts the pain and the sufferings of a Widow in the current society. This poem is also a response to the Stellar and Lunar writing challenge.

I wrote this poem in my diary on a Friday 07th September, 2012 at 10:20 pm IST.

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He didn't talk to me
It's been days we have met,
Is there any place left where I didn't see?
Just one reason why can't I regret?

He forgot this day
And the place where we met for the first time,
Is there any reason I mustn't stay?
My heart, it's no more mine...

Why did he go?
I remember well the way he smiled,
Here I'm left alone, doesn't he know?
There's no such place where he could hide...

And he's here, right in front of me
Staring at me...through that frame,
His assuring smile is all I can see
but I lost him, I lost his name...

People look at me with those eyes
Prying eyes filled with hate,
Why can't I live? Why am I paying this price
For something already written in my fate?

Why did You leave me dear?
See those eyes, they hurt me,
Being a widow in this society, and the pain I bear
My Lord please come save me...