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A friend in need is a Friend Indeed!

Today I come before you with folded hands. It wasn’t easy for me to write this, but I had to do it. I want to help someone, living her life miles away from mine, in the United States…and I am from India. I know Mary (Facebook Profile) from December 2013. It has been a long time and she helped me with various online stuffs and always motivated me to write articles. You can say I am able to write this…thanks to her.

We all have our ups and downs of Life, and we always find someone or the other to help us rise again with renewed vigor and faith.

But, what if there was no such person to stand by your side in times of need?  What if, when you hit a brick wall over and over and there’s no one to help, then you run into a lot more difficulties than most?

My friend has hit the brick wall, and she needs our help more than ever. This time, one man’s help is not sufficient, and that’s what made me write this post (with her permission).

It all started with people scamming other people online. My friend, unfortunately and unknowingly, got caught into this scam. She never believed it would happen to her. I didn’t believe it either. But then, when I got to know her full story, I was shocked and in pain.

Read the true story here – What changed Mary’s Life?

I shared this with one of my colleagues in the Office and she was shocked too. She immediately contributed funds to Mary’s GoFundMe Project here – Click here to Add Funds Do not hold yourself back on sharing this to your Twitter profile of Facebook or Google Plus. It is my humble request to all my readers to share and promote this as much as possible to help.

It seems like this was just the start of her bad luck. 🙁

Sooner, things went out of control with all the charges coming in from people asking Mary to pay them for the fraud and scam someone else did.

Mary was just a mediator in all these; and she had herself lost a good amount of money.

She successfully filed a FIR with the Police but it didn’t work. The case is pending, or, in a dead state ever since! The FBI was not of much help either to her surprise. It has been a month now. Only two people added funds to her GoFundMe project. My colleague Shubha (a member of Crusaders – Soldiers of Humanity – a group dedicated to Social Service) and me. Adding funds is real easy. Just follow these seven easy steps:

  1. Click to Add Funds to Mary’s project
  2. Fill in your amount in the big box
  3. Fill in your name. You can choose it to be hidden from others
  4. Enter your email ID so that you get confirmation as well as you can track your payment
  5. You can also choose it to pay monthly until the funds have been met by checking the ‘Give this amount monthly’ option
  6. Select your Country. Add your postal code
  7. Enter a comment so that Mary can reply you. And click the big button that says “Continue”

We (Mary and I) will always be indebted to you for your generosity. It does not matter how much funds you add; what matters is that you have the Golden Heart to help someone.

They are facing a severe financial crisis right now while I am writing this article. Mary and her family could not feed themselves anymore; they could not make their ends meet. 

If you haven’t read through her GoFundMe project (links above), I suggest you please read it once. She has two cute and beautiful daughters of 5 and 7 years old. She, as a Mother, does what she can. She feeds her girls with whatever she can while staying hungry for the rest of the day, and sometimes a week in a stretch.

I bet, if you were to face such situation, and if you had kids to look after… you would do the same thing. It is not a Woman-only thing. If I was in her shoes, I would do the same. Love is a sacrifice; and we will always sacrifice our needs for our loved ones. That’s a fact. While there are others who have more that the basic necessities of Life, we should always remember that there are some who needs us; who needs our help. It is possible, and I am sure it is happening somewhere out there, a small Kid might be crying to his Mom being hungry and that Mom is trying to find something to feed her child while her husband is busy fetching jobs or doing the dirtiest jobs just so that his wife can eat while he stays hungry himself. It is all a cycle of Life. It revolves around each of us; and things will surely happen to us when we come across that revolution of Life; and at that time, someone else might be reading this article while you need help. The times are really bad, and this World is in need of “real” Humans. Wearing dress with the text “Being Human” does not work in the real World out there. What works is the motive behind it.

If you have a Good Heart, I am sure you will help Mary.

Kindly please share this post and support Mary in her Fight to Life.

You can mail Mary at

Mary’s GoFundMe project – Click To Donate

Please re-post, re-blog and share as much as you can!

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