The poem "My Dark World - Part I" was written when I was in one of those days where your whole Life is clouded by negative environment; And I just wanted to get out of it, but it seemed impossible.

This poem is also a response to the Poetry 101 Rehab Prompt - Dark writing challenge.

When the very feeling of darkness eats your soul from the inside, a Dark World is what you'll see. When someone is drowned in darkness, there's nothing in sight except a monster that feeds on the person's sadness and pain.

I wrote this poem in my diary on a Thursday, 27th August 2009.

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In My world brushed black
Roses blossom in the night,
Butterflies hover front and back
'coz darkness itself fills up the sight...

Hatred grows as time goes
Making Me feel lonely and alone,
Feelings of love ain't quite close
And I love being on my own...

My life's been controlling me
All the way until now,
And I won't let anyone see
My mind filled with frown...

As I try picking another rose
Dark flames burn around me,
Destroying the pure beauty so close
In a way no one can see...

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