Here is the Step-By-Step Guide to Earn Online with CashNHits, as promised!

You can read Part-I here where we saw the very basics of Registering and/or Logging in to CashNHits.

Part-2: PTC (Paid-To-Click) Ads

Welcome Everyone! Today we will see how to earn by clicking on the Paid-to-click advertisements available on CashNHits.

Use the below links if you are not a member yet!

For Newbies : Click here to Register

Clicking on a PTC Ad:

After logging in to CashNHits, you will see the “Home” Page or the “Main” page. There you will see a navigation bar on the top which would allow you to do many functions with your Account on the website. Move your mouse over to “Earn Money“. You will see a drop-down menu which lists all the ways in which you can earn online.

Click PTC Ads under Earn Money on CashNHits
Earn Money using PTC Ads on CashNHits

Click on “PTC Ads“. You will see a page similar like this:

View PTC Ads on CashNHits
PTC Ads on CashNHits

As you can see from the image above, the page has two sections. The left section, has quick navigation to your Account related functions as well as ‘Earnings Area’ and other links like ‘Referral Stats’, ‘Offer Stats’, etc. (we will cover all those in upcoming tutorials). We are more interested on the right section of the page which is again sub-divided into two parts. The middle part shows an image of the PTC Advertisements available for you to click. On the right, you can see the time for which you should view the ad and the amount you will receive. We are not interested in other details, for now. You might feel the amount you earn is less, but that should not matter. Since you get loads of advertisements to click!

There would be some special conditions on some PTC Ads (in red font).

Forced Ad View – You must stay on the webpage for the duration till the advertisement expires. Normal Ad View (No conditions) – You can click on the PTC Ad and tend to your other work in the meantime until the timer expires.

Viewing a PTC Ad:

After you click on a PTC Advertisement, you will see a screen similar to the one below:

Viewing a PTC Ad on CashNHits
Viewing a PTC Ad on CashNHits

Look at the top-left corner of your browser. You will see a similar text/image once the timer hits zero (0). In the above image, as you can see, for validation, I will now click the number “2”. Once clicked, the page will redirect me to the website (without the advertisement).

You can also see some other useful links and information such as: New Window – Open the advertisement in a new window Report – Report the advertisement for any SPAM Earned Today – The total amount you earned for that particular day

Click and View all the advertisement EVERYDAY for a stable growth and Online Income.

Congratulations!! You have completed Part – II of my series.

Review Part-I here Share your opinion or Contact Me for any help/issues. I would be really happy to help YOU Earn! 🙂

Happy Earning! Let’s make some cash! 🙂

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