The poem "The Journey" is very close to my heart and shares the painful experience I went through in my childhood.  This event has left a mark in all of our lives and there's not a day that goes by without the scenes flashing in my mind.

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The Journey

The day started with just a call
And he saw his Mom shiver in cold,
Before his very eyes, she nearly had a fall
This was the start of his journey untold...

At this age, nothing did he know
Though he understood it quite well,
That dark feel, pain and this sorrow
Slowly in his heart darkness started to dwell...

Silence filled the gap in-between
But no one spoke a word to him,
They feared, tears may drop through his chin
And thus, masked their face with grin...

The Journey - A Poem by Nitin


A long quiet Journey to Home
He stared at his Mom and she looked back,
He figured, she was now left all alone
But he didn't cry; It is those tears that he lack...

At home, he saw the worst scene of his life
There lay his Dad - A body cold inside,
His eyes wandered only to see everyone cry
Little did they know, he just wanted his Dad beside...

He saw that face, deep in calm sleep
And leaned to a nearby wall,
But he had a Promise - 'Not to weep'
A small boy, he couldn't even fall...

Emotions held deep inside
He lives, trying to make them smile,
With tears in his eyes and a smile on his lips
Even now he feels Dad by his side...


I wrote this poem in 2012 but this event happened when I was 12-13 years old. We all miss you a lot Dad and it hurts to spend each day without you. 🙁