Here is the Step-By-Step Guide to Earn Online with CashNHits, as promised!

I will be posting the guide in short parts so that my readers are not confused. Also, since it will be a step-by-step Guide, it will be always easy to refer back when needed.

Part-I: Register/Login to CashNHits

Today we will cover the very basics to get you started with the CashNHits website.

Links for Registration/Login are given below:

For Members: Click here to Login For Newbies : Click here to Register

For Newbies, after clicking the above link, you will see a page like below:

CashNHits Registration form The details above are just sample data. Fill in your proper details, enter the CAPTCHA, accept their agreement and click on the blue button at the bottom that says “Create Account”.

Members will see a Login Page as below:

Login to CashNHits Assuming that since you are already a member (which means you confirmed your email address) you can login to CashNHits with the above link. Once there, you will see a “PLAY” button; click on it and it will display the CAPTCHA. Enter the correct CAPTCHA and click on the blue button at the bottom that says “Login”.

Congratulations!! You have completed Part – I of this series.

Happy Earning! Let’s make some cash! 🙂

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