The Writing Contest #003 started on April 22nd and lasted for a week until April 29th.

This event was hosted by me and was held in parallel on both Facebook and my WordPress blog.


I got entries from two writers; both were terrific.

Check out their entries below:

Reeshita – “Humanity

Ruchira – “Rise By Lifting Others

The winners have been finally declared this morning!

Both entries were superb and it was a head-on competition between them.

There was no telling which one was the best and it seemed like, they took the event in the right spirit and gave their best shot!

The Event ended in a Tie. Both participants are awarded First Prize of 250 INR each!! That’s a little more than $4.00 as per the current market rate conversion.

The prize money will be transferred to their bank account/PayPal at the earliest!

Congratulations to both of you, Reeshita and Ruchira.

Looking forward to another fantastic contest in the future! 🙂

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