Today is #EarthDay.


I mean do we all really feel it?

Do we all respect and treat our Mother Earth with the care she needs?

With the increase in demand for almost all the minerals and the depleting supplies Earth has within, we have left our Mother Earth in a terrible situation. And I mean what I say.

The current situation is drastic with unpredictable weather, storms, Global Warming, and Lord knows what not! The only one responsible for this is Man; and by the term ‘Man’, I intend to point to the whole mankind, men and women alike.

How does celebrating one day as “Earth Day” change the fact that, we are in need of Mother Earth 365 days a year? We need her right when our day starts till we go to bed at night from the very moment we are born in this World.

Every single second of our Time in this life counts!

And what do we do to protect her, care for her? Most of us do nothing. Many of us who are part of some social cause and ‘Go Green’ activities, put in all efforts to do their bit to save our planet, while we lazily take those actions for granted!

What I believe should be done:

#EarthDay should be celebrated every single day. No excuses.

We should strive for and do our part to protect and save Mother Earth, each day, every day.

We should be thankful to the Creator for giving us such a sweet planet with everything we need.
We are not even sure for how much long our Earth would sustain Lifeform.

But, let’s promise that we will take care of her, the way we do for our beloved ones.


Straight from the Heart on a short notice 😉

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