In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Want to Know What Love Is.”

I Want To Know What Love Is

“Love” – A single word that says everything about us. Love is Divine.

We say we are the most advanced beings in this world. Yet, without Love, we are nothing.

“Love” makes us who we are and what we do. It is Love, and only Love, that really makes us Live together in peace and harmony with others. There may be different definitions of Love, yet they all mean the same thing.

Technically speaking, “Love” is just a feeling.  It cannot be bought or sold or rented out or whatever. Love is to be given. You get love when you give it.

Now you may say, since “Love is just a feeling” how would you give and get feelings? Well, it is not what I meant!

You get love by giving love. It means you should love others to be loved in return. I am not talking about physical love here. It is way far from what I am speaking in this blog.

You begin by loving other people, starting with the people around you; your parents who brought you in this world.

They love you unconditionally. And still, some fail to recognize it. Grownups think parents are a burden to them and they dump them in those old age homes. But they fail to understand that, they would be treated the same way in the future.

You love your brothers and sisters, you love your friends, you love your special one. You love being with the people you are comfortable with. It is a special feeling liked by all.

Love is not meant for human beings alone. You can love plants, animals and every other living thing on this planet. Wait a minute! You even love those non-living things around you. More on that later.

Remember the first flower which bloomed from your first planted sapling? Remember the efforts you took to plant it and how you watered it daily? And what about the fruits you eat often? Plants love us too. They give us oxygen, the most important thing for us to say alive. I say, human beings and plants share an unconditional “give-take” love relationship.

Do you own a dog or a cat or any other animal? Don’t you love them? Don’t they love you back? A dog might show its love by wagging its tail or by licking you, for example. A cat might purr around your legs and lick your palm.

Interestingly enough, we love non-living things the same way we do for living things. Do you remember the first pen/pencil you used? And the dress you wore on you first birthday? Don’t you cherish these things forever? Your first Smartphone, first computer, first laptop and everything first make up the list of things you love knowingly or unknowingly.

And it does not stop at your first things of life. Some people “love” looking at the star studded night sky. It gives them inner peace. Some love collecting stamps, coins, etc. Adventurous people love trekking, hiking, and being at great heights. Some love listening songs, some people love to blog, some people love to spend their free time catching up with long-lost friends in social networks.

What we are looking here are the different hobbies of people. Hobbies give us satisfaction, a sense of completeness and refresh our mind and soul. Don’t we love our hobby ideas?

Technical people love stuffs related to technology and computers. They love programming and developing new stuffs. Non-technical people have other interests and enjoy whatever they do.

Again, love is not meant for human beings alone. Animals love each other as much as we do. But they don’t put conditions and rules like we do! They love us truly from their heart.

Human soul is very delicate; it must be taken care with. Love does that. Love grows with us and will continue till our very last day in this world.

It is Love that separates the Good people from the Bad ones. Which side are you on?

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