In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Teacher’s Pet.”

Teacher's Pet

There are many people around us but some of them make their impression in our hearts forever. They remain as a part of our soul in each second we live without them, loving us, guiding us always in our Life.

They are those precious gems you cannot afford to miss.Yes, there were some people in my life too. They were the Best! I would be nowhere if not for them.

I cannot list down the names of everyone here, it would be never-ending. So, I would instead list a few names.

  1. M Chandran – My late father. He was and still is my source of inspiration for everything I do. I must have spent many happy days with him but sadly I don’t remember much of my childhood days. I do get memory flashes sometimes and it makes me feel so great with him again.
  2. Kavita Mam – She taught me English in my high school. She considered me as her little brother and always ensured that I was happy. She taught me many a great things and supported me in all walks of Life. It is so shameful of me to lose her contact few months ago..I am not sure why but I am unable to reach her number anymore. I just hope I get some lead and talk to her again.
  3. Neeta Mam – She taught me subjects like Software Engineering, Digital Algorithms, Computer Networks, etc. We were from the same state, Kerala (South India). Whenever I was sad or depressed, she used to go with me and try to throw some light in me. She always told me to look to the positive side of Life and not drown in the great sea of sadness. She gave me The Holy Bible and asked me to read it when I felt low. I am not a Christian but I felt great after reading the Bible and I started to believe in Him. I am still in contact with her and I hope I can meet her soon.
  4. Kamath Sir – He was my tutor when I was in school. He never took fees/tutoring charges from me and I did not need to know the reason, as my parents always said at that time. However, I came to know the reason later and I am deeply grateful and thankful to them. The day I came to know, I decided to pay them my tutoring charges once I get a job. I do have a job now, but I am not yet stable to pay them. I will, one day.
  5. Abhay and Kaushik Sir – They were my tutors for college. Both were fantastic in their work. Kaushik Sir is also a Singer which I came to know at a later stage when he revealed it after our classes. His band is named – Paradigm Shift. You can hear them on Facebook and SoundCloud.

The above list does not rate and/or rank any of my teachers and surely none of us would want to do like that. I miss all of them and even those not listed here.

I might have been bad at times but I believe you would forgive me as always. Thank you for being my Teacher.

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