Gut Feeling

There have been many a times where I felt I should follow my instincts and gut feelings but I didn’t. Some turned out to be good, some bad and some had neutral effects.

It all began until I recently started to take notice of some stuffs happening around me. It was cosmic. It wasn’t of this world. I didn’t realize it until I consulted a ‘Soul Coach’. Visit their website here: Soul-Science

I came to know that “someone” or “something” was communicating to me. I was being guided; to somewhere, I don’t know, it might be a place, or it might be Destiny itself.

I have started to follow my “Guide” and I am trying to understand that guidance I am receiving. At first I didn’t believe in all these stuffs but now I feel it. There’s really something which wants to connect to this “realm” through me. I am the “medium” and I am sure of it.

Most of us wouldn’t believe me or pay heed to what I say, but I don’t care. I am sticking to my gut feeling this time; and I am sure that I would be guided to the right path, at the right time and at the right situation.

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