Nitin shares a brief on how his day was about to change when he met this Stranger from the future.This story was written in response to the WordPress Daily Prompt Writing Challenge - Greetings Stranger.

This is a short fiction story divided in two parts. You can read the second part here - Message From The Future.


It was around 4:00 pm in the evening when my heart was dying for some Cappuccino. I have not always had coffee but today was different.  I felt the urge to have a cup of coffee today. There is a well-known coffee shop near my place and since it was quite close, I did not want to waste any more of my time in deciding where to go.

I was waiting for my Cappuccino patiently when I saw a guy with a lengthy brown coat and a black hat entering the shop. I was deeply engrossed in my smart phone and at the next moment, he was sitting in front of me. He ordered an Espresso for himself.

Stranger: Nitin, right?

At first, I ignored and pretended he wasn't there. But when I saw that he was still waiting for a response from me, I decided to reply.

Me: Um, yes. Who are you?

What happened next is a tale of its own! Read the rest of the story here: A Message From Future!