I Type, You Write

It was 8 in the morning and I had turned on my system to write on some of the daily prompts I have missed in the past weeks on my WordPress blog. Everything seemed normal except that there seemed something wrong with my keyboard.

I quickly ran a system test to check whether all keys were functioning normal and got back to my writing work. But something unusual happened with me that morning while I was busy writing my article. This is what happened:

Me: Good morning Friends. It is such a nice day today. I am checking out the Daily Prompts here 🙂

Keyboard: Ah, back again? Don’t you have any other work? Give me some rest buddy. It’s 8 and you are already hammering on my soft buttons.

Me: What was that?! Holy Angel!! You can read and understand what I just wrote? This is awesome! I mean, from when did it start? Did you always knew what I was typing?? SORRY for typing so harshly!

Keyboard: It’s okay. No, I did not always understand what you typed but today somehow I can see everything you do. Ha-ha! Don’t even think about using the virtual keyboard 😉

Me: Yeah, I won’t. Well. this is really fun. Now I got a buddy to chat and type with! Would you help me in writing an article for the Daily Prompt?

Keyboard: I have always helped you type, didn’t I? But this sounds fun too. Well I got nothing else to do except interpreting what you type with me. It will be just Business As Usual for me. But yeah, today I will not allow you to make any typos!

Me: Thanks buddy. Let’s show the world what we got!

Keyboard: Sure! Hell yeah!

And then, we both wrote many articles and linked them up with the other daily prompt articles. That was the day when I got many people liking my articles and poems. We talked and typed for the rest of the day and bid good-bye to each other in the night with a promise to always be-in-touch!

I wish we can talk, I mean type again!

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