Nitin meets his future self and gives himself a message from the future. This article is written in response to the WordPress Daily Prompt writing challenge - Good Tidings

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Stranger: I am the Future You. I traveled back in Time to tell you some of the things which you need to know to become Me.

Me: Hi... Um, what? Future? Who are you?

Stranger: This is important and I haven;t got much time, so let me wrap it up real quick before I disappear.

Challenges you will face to reach the current Me:
  • You will have to stay back for your family caring less for your education and you would be called a drop-out. You will lose someone close to you at an early stage. Do not drown yourself in darkness.
  • Always be thankful to the Almighty for everything you get. There would be moments when you will lose all your faith in Him but, never lose trust.
  • You would be forced to leave your family behind for your career and you would agree to it. But remember to be in touch.
  • Your heart will break, twice.
The Good Part of your Future Life:
  • You will be rewarded for your activities. Passionate about writing, you will start your own Facebook page and share your articles and poems to the world - a good writer if not the best.
  • You would be rewarded for your work.

Always remember one thing, there would be sadness and happiness in Life. You must learn to balance both to live Life at the Fullest!

Me: Hold..Hold on a second please. Did you just say..??

Before I could complete, the Stranger just disappeared in a flash. While I slowly sipped in my cappuccino trying to digest the last five minutes... I knew I was going to prefer Espresso in the Future!