This moment is so serene, I wish we could be like this forever!

There are some inseparable moments from our life that dwells in our heart and soul forever. Sometimes these moments brings happiness and sometimes they bring tears to our eyes; and yet, we cherish those moments till our last breath.

That is what Life is. When we want good things to last long, they vanish in just minutes and when we do not want something bad or unwanted stuffs happening in and around us, they tend to last longer. I have always wondered on this, but never got a satisfactory answer to my questions. I guess it is something that cannot be answered.

If I had the control over time to slow it down or speed it up, I still wouldn’t mess with it.

There are many moments which I would have controlled in my Life if I was given the control over them, but then, that would be too selfish of me.

Why? The reason is that Time is same for All of us, which means, if I mess it at my end, someone may suffer at the other!

If I slow it down just to enjoy more of my “happiness” it might make a sad person more sadder! And if I speed up an event which brings sadness to me or around me, then it might again give the others less “chance” to enjoy their Happiness.

After writing this, I realize that we must cherish every moment of our Life, be it sad events or happy moments. All these memories fill up our Soul and make us who we are.

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