Get A Ghost Free

Dear Curious Buyer,

You have chosen the perfect antique for your home. Yes, that’s a 200-year old dusty stuff you got there. But beware of what you find around and inside it.

You will find loads of stuff in that small drive you are carrying now. You will find my memories, my favourite songs, my poems and articles, my projects and even my personal stuffs!

Congratulations on becoming the New Owner!!

I was too attached to my stuffs while I was alive. Yes, I am dead, don’t fret. I am just a wandering soul attached to the only existing memory of my Life; and that memory would be this dusty old hard disk.

P.S. Please take good care of it unless you want me to haunt you and make the rest of your Life miserable!

P.P.S. In situations you need me, just blow the dust!

Yours sincerely,

“Ghost Owner of the dusty old hard drive”

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