We always feel secure when we have someone besides us, isn’t it? That someone who would stay by our side, who would still agree with us even if we were wrong, etc. we always want that ‘someone’ with us in all walks of life.

Someone Beside You

There was this incident, when Dad was really angry on me. I do not recall the reason, but Mom defended me and saved me from his beatings. Later on she went on to explain me what made him angry. If it had not for her, I would have learnt the lesson the hard way.

One day I had terrible tooth-ache due to new teeth and the only way I could get away from that pain was to remove the milky teeth. Mom offered her help but I refused. I was too afraid. At one point, I even compromised with the tooth-ache and not getting my teeth plucked out. They were ready to take me to a doctor, but I still refused.

She then started to force me as she could not see me in so much pain. But, I ran to our bathroom. This time, it was my sister. She defended me. I was crying very much. It did not feel anything then, but now when I think of those times, I feel so weak. If I was a little strong, I would have faced the pain.

My teeth came out that night and the pain subsided. I still remember those scenes exactly the way it happened.

But it is now, that I realize the pain of those children in orphanages and those who live on streets. They have no one for support and follow the instructions of their guardians. They are devoid of any opinions or suggestions. They live a life of utter slavery. It was not their fault that their parents left them due to obvious reasons. It wasn’t their fault that their Life is a  Hell for them.

But if we try to make their lives better, just think of how much happiness they would get. They would actually look up to someone and ‘live’ their Life. The times are changing now and orphanages are not what they were in the past. They have changed a lot and a lot of NGO out there serving for this cause.

If we live our Life by ourselves, then it has no meaning. We need someone by our side at all times, in sadness, in happiness, in all walks of Life. We need someone to share, someone to understand and someone with whom we can be just ourselves.

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