Too much of something, is not good for anything.


The above quote holds true for almost anything in this world. Put too much of sugar in your cup of coffee and I bet, you won’t drink it. Put too much of pepper while cooking and you have already disappointed your guests.

Similarly, if many people opt to attend or are “forced” to attend a group discussion, there would be no discussion at all. Most of the times, it would turn into a debate and might also cause unrest among the participants as well the viewers, if any.

None of us want that, isn’t it?

A group discussion should have 4-5 people. That’s it. No more needed. By having minimal number of participants, the group discussion becomes efficient and serves its purpose. It’s a discussion after all, so there is a need of sharing of thoughts, views and ideas among the peers.

I will not give much in a group discussion with a “boring” topic and excessive participants!

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