Probux – A Scam?

Disclaimer: The information I am going to share is based on my experiences and also referred from the article I read just recently.


Have you heard of a website named “Probux”?

If not, then let me give you some details. Probux is (or rather I would say Probux was) a great website that offered its users the facility to earn money online just by clicking the advertisements. Simply put, it was a PTC (Paid-To-Click) website that offered easy cash online!

I was a “user” of this site and I was happy with its performance until recently. To let you know the truth, I was paid! Yes, I was. The site had paid its users for all the visits they got with the advertisements. The Admin was cooperative. The way they managed all the requests, the way they replied to mails, etc. Everything went just fine.

As you all know, all good things would eventually come to an end. And so was Probux, although this was not expected from them. Sadly, the site is down! Yes, as per me, Probux isn’t functioning anymore. There’s a possibility that the “owner” ran away with all the money, unfortunately, adding this website’s name to the “Scam List”.

Farewell Probux!

Sources: Probux Scam

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