The world celebrates June 16 as ‘Father’s day’
A special day for every Dad out there,
While the ‘lucky’ ones celebrate
The ‘unlucky’ always regret…

Father's Day Realization

While the blessed ones take pride in celebrating this day, there are those ‘unlucky’ ones who have never experienced love of parents. What mistake did they do to suffer such a fate? And yet they are the most deserted people in the world. Everyone looks down upon them with cold eyes.

Destiny had always sided with the ‘good’ guys and left the poor to always suffer pain and hardships of Life.

I write these words with a heavy heart, but I do not even remember when my little family of four celebrated Father’s day…not even Mother’s Day. My memories have been blacked out by an eventful day of my past which flashes over my mind every now and then. And when I see people posting good stuffs, happy events of their life, I do get jealous sometimes…but I realize there’s nothing that can be done on that. So I withdraw.

So, while you celebrate this ‘Father’s Day’ with your family, please do your bit of a help to those needy people. Maybe a donation to some Orphanage or just ‘something good’ so that the unlucky ones might feel loved by someone.

The pain of loneliness can only be cured when it is healed with love. So I request my readers to step in their shoes to see the world as they see it, just once to ‘live’ as they ‘live’ it. Only then can we make this world a better place.

I wish you all a Happy Father’s Day. Take good care of your parents and never let them down. They are the real treasures of our Life.

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