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Realize  Your Dreams

Have dreams in your Life and go for it – Quoted by Nitin C Nair (Myself)

When I was a kid, I was asked this usual question by my family – “What do you want to become when you grow up?”

I didn’t know what to answer then, but my grandfather came to the rescue. He asked me whether I loved watching aeroplanes flying high in the sky. My answer was a yes. He then said that maybe I would love to become a pilot. And yes I was. I wanted to fly around the world. I wanted to become a pilot for sure!

He then went on to ask me whether I would like to become a ‘Collector’. I knew that a person in that post earns a lot and then I wanted to be a collector so that I could survive my family.

Once again, he asked me whether I would like to become a lawyer and help the needy get justice. I surely wanted to help as many people I could. So I shifted my dream once again to becoming a lawyer.

In the end, I wanted to become all the 3 but I knew I had to choose one for real. I kept those aside till my graduation with a hope to get more information on all three fields before I fix on one. Overtime I was also getting fixated on Animation and Information Technology fields. I completed my graduation in Information Technology and then realized that I could never take those paths I so much wanted as a kid. The market was full of developing Engineers and Doctors. And fortunately or unfortunately I became one of them. A software engineer.

During my graduation, I made a lot of good friends. One of them is in Animation stream right now. I was always interested in Anime and stuffs and would spend my free time sketching, painting, etc. But due to financial constraints, I could not apply for the course and I told him this – “You’re now doing one thing I always dreamt of. I want you to be the best in this.’

In the meantime I had already cleared interview and was waiting for my joining letter in one of the multi national companies. And in this waiting period, I was interested in doing a software testing course with my other friend. Just one day prior to getting admitted to that course, I got my letter. And I told him – “Sorry mate. It looks like you got to do it alone without me. Do your best!”

So, in short, apart from the three streams I mentioned in the start, I also lost the two streams I loved. Few months back I had a talk with one of my distant friend. I treated him like an elder brother. He asked my whereabouts and was shocked to know that I was employed already. I remember his words very clearly. He said that I was now working in an organization he had dreamed to work in.

I think Life is all about looking back to your Past and “seeing” everything getting connected with the choices we made in the Present. And it’s about how we make plans for our Future and move ahead without realizing that these plans would still get connected somehow at some point in out Life. And it is when we look back, we might realize our true destiny of Life.

If you’re not able to live your dreams for real, be sure that someone you know would be “living” your dream. And you would be “living” the Life someone else dreamt of.

– Quoted by Nitin C Nair (Myself)

So, no matter what Life gives you, make sure that you give those unfortunate people out there what they need. They might be not as lucky as you are.

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