I am better at some stuffs than the others, but that does not mean I am the best! There are many things I do not know, or yet, still to learn. Riding a bike/scooter is one of them.


This happened today. One of my friends asked me to get her bike inside the office premises as she wanted to park in the garage and not leave it in the open outside the gates. And as she did not have her ID, she got a temporary ID from the guards and was doubtful if they would allow her to get in and hence I was to help. I replied her that although I would like to help but since I do not know how to ride, I can’t do anything.

But, she forced me and so I agreed. I did not want to “not” help her being her friend. However, I think I was wrong this time.

I wore her helmet. The very start itself was not successful. I wore the helmet for the first time in my life and  I was at a discomfort with my glasses. Then, it took some time to start her bike.

We were near the gates and then she walked off ahead and I was left with the guard there checking the vehicle. He helped me start the vehicle again!

“Vroom and crash!” That’s what the guard and my friend remember. It was the next thing that happened. I did not crash though. I was too close to the gates and somehow ended up making the vehicle touch the sides till I reached my friend. I got down quick and again told her that I really did not know to ride.

She looked at me and said “Sorry”. I knew very well. Now we both were bound by two emotions. She feeling regret and me feeling guilty of slightly crashing.

I could not focus in my office later and left home early.

So, next time you assign me something, please think over it. I might not be the right person for that task!

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